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Monday, 7 January 2013

Birch Trees

Before the holidays I enjoyed the company of a student teacher.  Not just any student teacher, a marvelously creative student teacher who wasn't afraid to try new things. 

She found a great art activity on Pinterest that she wanted to share, so she taught it to my students on her last day with us.  What a wonderful piece of creativity to leave us with!

This art activity involves using chalk pastels to create a sunset or evening sky (depending on your colour choices).  It is a snowy scene and below the horizon line lies the snow.  Then you create birch trees using white paper with strips of newsprint running horizontally to create the birch bark.  The effect was quite stunning, but what I loved was how my students individualized their unique pieces.  Here are some examples:

This student was inspired by the work of Emily Carr that we saw at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in the Fall.  She wanted to show the devastation of deforestation. She used "white out" to create the falling snow - how appropriate!

This student used an eraser to create her snowflakes.

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