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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Are They Really Understanding What They are Reading Update - Using Descriptive Feedback

If you read my earlier post on teaching my students how to respond to what they read, you will know that this past week during our Guided Reading sessions I was providing support to my students as they responded to what they read.

We have been reading some great articles on Space about space rocks, extraterrestrial life, and frozen carbon dioxide on Mars.  On Friday, my students had to independently respond to an article they had read.  I told them that I would be using the Success Criteria we had created together to provide them with a grade or "level".

One of my students put up her hand and asked, "Instead of giving us a mark, could you just give us some descriptive feedback so that we know how to improve our work?  And then, could you give us a chance to re-write it?"

Sometimes we are so stuck in our old ways of doing things.  Thank goodness our students are not so encumbered by old habits!  My students have completely embraced the use of descriptive feedback to improve their work.  Now I just have to do the same!

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