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Friday, 29 March 2013

Teaching Towards the Future

I finally found some time to watch Teaching Towards the Future, an episode from the Agenda's special report called Learning 2030.

I think every teacher, principal, consultant, and superintendent in Ontario should watch it.  Steve Paikin interviews Michael Fullan who speaks about the future of education.  Mr. Fullan explains why the current system, while seemingly successful, must still change.  Other speakers include Cathy Bruce from Trent University, Camille Rutherford from Brock University, and Ron Daniel from the Canadian Education Association.

They also featured Kourish Houshmand, a student trustee from TDSB.  He was very well-spoken, and described our current education system as the "National Regurgitation Institute".  Though only in Grade 12, he also said, "We cannot bring about change by being irrelevant".

Steve Paikin also spoke to Hamilton teacher, Heidi Siwak, who is truly a 21st Century teacher.  She shared how she immersed herself in social and digital media to better understand who her students are and how they learn.  Then she changed the way she taught, letting go of the reins so that her students could become the motivated self-directed learners we need children to be.

Do yourself a favour, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, put your feet up, and watch.  It is time for a change folks!

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